IT Expertise for Rent

Do you have an idea for your web site that needs a developer to build it ? Do you need a complete web site established for your business or club ? Or do you just need a knowledgeable IT Manager to talk over your goals and determine how to use the web to achieve them ?

If you answered yes (or even maybe) then drop me a line and let's chat. Building highly functional web applications is my specialty and I'd be happy to discuss your ideas.

Using no cost open source software tools, I can quickly develop highly sophisticated applications that your customers or members can easily use from an internet browser any where in the world. I can even arrange to host your application or even your entire web site if required.

If you see a web site that offers an application you would like to have for your web site, just note the URL and send me an email with your idea and your web site URL

Temporary Information Technology Manager

Do you ever wish you had an IT Manager to look over your computer resources and give you advice ? Or maybe you are an IT Manager who would like to have a colleague to consult with ? Or perhaps you have one or more projects that keep being placed on the back burner because your IT Department is not able to begin work on it ? As a recently retired IT Manager for a large BC Municipality, I can bring to your side seasoned judgement regarding newly emerging technologies, no hype assessments of existing technologies and their application to your environment, or simply impartial advice regarding management issues related to technology.

Information Technology Education

Many companies offer training in the use of popular website creation tools and other off-the-shelf software packages. Do you wish to have some one-on-one custom training tailored exactly to the topics that you need ? As an accredited secondary school teacher, I can develop custom training that exactly addresses your needs and can deliver the training at your location or as a distance learning program for your remote staff.

Can You afford Me ?

No job is too small for me. Big jobs will take longer and may require extra resources - but I can generally make it happen for you no matter what the obstacles.

Because I am retired but still very interested in IT, I am charging a flat rate of $ 100 per hour for my work. Compare that rate to the cost of an auto mechanic or plumber and I'm sure you will agree that's a bargain.

If there are added expenses such as travel or accommodation I will bill those back to the client along with receipts (just like a staff member would).

My Background

My first professional involvement with computers began in 1973 as a Computer Science Teacher at an Ontario Secondary school. In 1975, I shifted my career to become a software/business analyst and programmer for large scale IBM and Univac mainframes, high performance PDP, IBM, Wang and Bull minicomputers. My employers included Air Canada, Algoma Central Railway, Lee Jeans, City of Regina Sask, and District of Saanich Victoria BC. I also founded a small family business selling early models of PC Microcomputers gaining small business experience in the process.

In addition to conventional business systems analysis and programming, I became a telecommunications system programmer, an Operating System programmer, a web application and open source developer, a Client Support Manager, and a Municipal Government Information Technology Manager for 21 years.

As a technology and management professional I believe I am qualified to assess new and existing computer technologies from the perspective of likelihood of robust and long term success while also considering ongoing support and other practical implementation risks and benefits.

As an IT Manager, I was active in the formation and routine operation of both the BC Chapter and the National organisation known as Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA BC and MISA-ASIM Canada). I have held an office on the MISA BC Executive continuously between 2001 and my retirement May 31, 2010. I was also a founding member of MISA-ASIM Canada serving as the Secretary until 2009.

In 2009, I was honoured with the 2009 Peter Bennet Award. This award represented my most valued recognition of my contributions to Canadian Public Service.

In 2010, the MISA BC chapter awarded me a lifetime membership in recognition of my contributions to MISA.